Ottawa – What to see? What to do?

1- From where can I take the bus to get here?

265 Catherine St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7S5

2- What should I expect during the ride?

Riding with Greyhound means you are using a commercial ground transportation. You could be sitting next to someone you don’t know and the seats are not assigned unless you pay an extra fee (See counter agent for prices). In every Greyhound bus you will have the following amneties; wi-fi, lavatory, power outlets and overhead bins to store you hand luggage.
Keep in mind that since you are using theses types of service the drive will not be making stops on the way to your destination, you will have to use the onboard lavatory.

3- Where do I get dropped off in Ottawa?

Ottawa Central Station located at : 265 Catherine St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7S5

4- Which hotel do you recommend?

Fairfield located near Pearson Airport is an amazing brand new hotel and will make you feel glamour. If you rather something more city center, Novotel can be a good choice for a cheap but nice place to stay. You also use the Westin Hotel, little more expensive but better location.

5- Best ways to get around Ottawa.

Public Transportation can get you pretty much anywhere, in case you want something a bit faster you can always use Uber services to have a private transportation around the city or after coming our of the bar.

6- Things to do in Ottawa.

-Visit the Aviation Museum
-Visit Parliament Hill
-Visit the Canal Rideau
-Bike around the city
-Visit the Canadian War Museum
-Visit the Science center