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Why Intercity Bus

Why taking an intercity bus the best way to travel?

Intercity buses are nothing like public transportation. They offer in my opinion, the best possible travel experience. In 2020, bus travel as changed significantly and I’m about to explain why. The reasons are way beyond the rate – even though choosing the bus over a flight will leave you more money when you get there. It’s flat out the best way to travel.

With amenities like free Wi-Fi and extra legroom, companies like Greyhound and other bus companies have focused on enhancing the customer experience. And it’s about time!

1$ fares

It goes without saying that the bus is the most affordable option if you compare it with train and flight transportation. Did you know you can, in some cases, travel for a buck? Yes, a buck! 1 dollar! While these fares popup here and there, they do exist but you must be quick to book it. If you see Greyhound or MegaBus advertising at 1$, click, click, triple click and make it quick! It’s kinda like winning the lottery but to get your winning ticket, you must book it right away or someone else will. The only thing cheaper than a 1$ intercity bus ride is to walk there. I’m not sure walking from Montreal to New York is the right thing to do. Companies offering 1$ special fares are Greyhound, BoltBus and MegaBus.

Even though you don’t get a dollar fare, you will notice how inexpensive bus tickets really are with low-cost bus companies. You’re looking at anywhere between $15 to 30$ for an intercity bus ride from New York City to Washington. It would cost you more in gas, wear and tear on your car and expensive parking.

If you compare with the train, the same ticket will cost you at least $50 and a flight at least $150. You’re best to take the bus.

Bus comfort and amenities, and customer experience

Companies like Megabus and BoltBus have committed to enhancing the customer experience by adding Wi-Fi, extra legroom and electric outlet to keep your electronic devices plugged in. It’s also very easy to check-in using your mobile device.

Another honourable mention is that you don’t need to show up 2-3 hours prior to departure. In most cases, you can show up as little as 20 minutes prior to departure especially if you have reserved seating.

Also, for some reason, I’ve met the nicest people when taking the bus. It just makes the ride that much better.

Environmentally friendly

For those who care to be environmentally friendly, the bus is the best option. New buses are more fuel and energy efficient than ever before. The latest bus technology fuel-efficient engines generate nearly three times less carbon dioxide per passenger. Gorgeous!

You may want to continue reading the pros and cons of taking various bus lines on our blog. The best trips are the ones where we are well prepared while leaving room for spontaneous events. 🙂

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