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Urban activities that remind you of the vacations

The beautiful days are finally here. You can feel the frenzy in the air! After a winter where it was almost impossible to enjoy travel, we feel more than ever like being on vacation. Here are a few suggestions for urban activities that remind us of them with great pleasure.

1. Enjoying Montreal en Lumière

There are still a few days left to enjoy this bright, fun-filled festival. If you’re in need of a vacation and want to get out of the house, take advantage of one of the Quilt & Fine Cuisine packages offered by some of the city’s most renowned hotels. Otherwise, just a stroll to the Place des Festivals to admire the luminous works of art and take a ride on the Ferris wheel is enough to enchant young and old!

Outdoor site of Place des Festivals


Visit the Biodôme

Looking for warmth and exoticism? The Montreal Biodome is the perfect place to bask in the rainforest, admire colorful birds, listen to the rustle of waterfalls and feel the humidity of a climate that we have been missing for several months. Not to mention the giant aquarium and its fish that remind us of the sea.

The aquarium and the rainforest at The Montreal Biodome


Take a swim at l’Aquadôme

Swimming is an almost unavoidable activity during the vacations, so taking a dip at the Aquadome in Ville Lasalle is a great alternative to temporarily closed water parks. The slide and the water games are a delight for children. Make sure to reserve your time slot exactly 24 hours before you come. Spaces are limited and fly out in a few minutes in these pandemic times.

Aquadôme at Ville Lasalle


Eating an ice cream in the sun

Sometimes it’s the simplest activities that bring the most joy. What could be more enjoyable than enjoying an ice cream in the sun with good company? Especially when you can share it in a family bubble, it’s great!

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What’s more fun than shopping when you’re on vacation? It’s also fun here, especially good for morale when shopping for lighter clothes for the summer. Instead of seeing shopping as a chore, make it an activity, including a little photo shoot along the way for fun!

The big purse at Cours Mont-Royal


Taking a walk in the Mount Royal Park

Finally, if you’ve ever been to New York, you’ve probably been for a walk in Central Park. Did you know that the landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted who designed it also used his talents to create Mount Royal Park? If you can’t visit the Big Apple this spring, climbing the steps of Mount Royal will give you a magnificent view of the city of Montreal, as well as exercise your cardio and enjoy a landscape design similar to one of the most popular urban parks on earth!

View from the Mount Royal Observatory

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