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Travel Planning Advice

What to bring for a three or four day trip? Did you forget to shut off the water line before leaving? Did you forget you hair products? We got you covered with this checklist.

At time of booking

Understand the departure date and time. Sound ridiculous? Every year, we have people who think Friday at 00h30 means Friday night. They don’t realize It’s 31 minutes after 23h59 Thursday night. Also, understand that 12:30AM is the same as 00h30.

Understand the terms and conditions.

Get Travel Insurance if you don’t have any on your credit card or through work. Be sure to use a credit card that gives you travel insurance or points.

Be sure you get an instant confirmation and verify information. If you don’t receive your confirmation email with travel information, call us at 514-700-2091.

If you’re traveling with a foreign passport, do you have the right visa? US Embassy phone number: (514) 398-9695. If your nationality allows you to purchase a visa at the US border, you will need US dollars on you. US Customs does not accept credit cards.

A week before departure

Call your cell phone provider and ask about available packages during your getaway. Avoid surprise phone bills!

Do you have enough prescription medicine?

Do you have enough contact lenses?

Leave your contact and hotel information with friends, neighbors, and family in case of emergency.

Call your credit card company and advise them you are traveling to the United States. Avoid behind embarrassed by refused transaction by your bank.

Ensure your credit card has enough space for your trip

Get US dollars from a currency exchange for better rates or worse case, from your bank. Visa and Mastercard are accepted everywhere in the United States but your credit card company will charge you extra fees on the conversion.

Check the expiry date on your passports

Identify your luggage with name tags.

Do you have a sitter for the pets and the kids?

Download and install 8 must-have mobile apps that will make your trip that much better.

1 day before departure

Start packing your suitcase. Will you be shopping? If yes, did you leave space in your luggage for new clothing? Check the weather to help you bring the right items. (umbrella, jacket,

Pack your hair products, deodorant, perfume or cologne, shaving cream, razors, dental floss, and your toothbrush.

Bring sunscreen

Bring medication and contact lenses if needed.

Be sure to have your activity vouchers, hotel vouchers and confirmation emails printed in case of problems.

Check the departure point on Google Maps to understand where to park, and wait for the bus. Call or text us at 514-700-2091 if you have questions.

Bring comfortable walking shoes because you will be walking, a lot.

Before you leave the house

Turn off the water line

Unplug electronics from the wall socket. Be sure you maybe keep the DVR plugged to record your favorite shows while you’re gone.

Turn the heating down or air conditioning off.

Check the stove to be sure it’s off.

Be sure all lights are off

Turn on the alarm

Check one last time that you have the right passports

Bring your proof of insurance with you

Dont’ forget your mobile phone

Drop us a line below if you feel this list helped you in any way. Are there any items we missed? Email us at info@tourika.com if you feel we forgot something.

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