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These days, we have the luxury of traveling with our mobile devices. Why should we now be burdened with large road maps, heavy travel guides and printed travel documents that can get lost? Tourika’s new Wow Trip mobile application offers you several possibilities to travel more freely, with a lighter mind and luggage.

Although our tour guides will direct you, advise you and give you the program with a map of the city, you can choose to leave the group or simply go at your own pace, without getting lost and without having to carry around all the paper documents.

This is what you get for free with our mobile application, without having to use your cell phone data and incur roaming charges. In fact, all the information and functions contained in the application are available offline.

Travel documents
Reservation confirmation
Important travel information (seat numbers, guide name, hotel name)
Travel insurance policy (if applicable)
Transportation and accommodation details
Registration (if applicable) and hotel details
Hotel voucher (if applicable)
Itinerary, departure and meeting times, and pick-up location for your transportation
Real-time alerts about schedule changes and delays
Tour guide and map
Comprehensive travel guide to your destination
Map of the city you are visiting
Nearby places (restaurants, attractions, entertainment, etc.)
Itinerary, schedule and activities
Detailed daily itinerary of the trip
Meeting place and time
Program activities (if applicable)
Activity voucher (if applicable)
Trip Sharing
Offline sharing of trip photos, status and postcards on Tourika’s Facebook page
Trip journal shared via Tourika.com and on social networks
Messaging and chat
Messaging and chat service with the Tourika team
Support at all times to answer questions

Don’t hesitate to call us at 514-700-2091 for more information or chat on Tourika.com with one of our travel agents.

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