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Top best walking areas in Manhattan

It’s a beautiful morning and you’re just leaving your Manhattan hotel. You drop by one of the 366 Starbucks location in Manhattan and get yourself your favorite drink. You put on a good pair of sneakers and you’re ready to walk around the island and explore.

No agenda is the perfect agenda.

Here are some of the best places to walk around and follow where the wind blows.

Bleeker Street

If you’re looking to find the most unique fashion boutiques, you must make your way to Bleeker street in the West Village. Stop by The Magnolia Bakery and sit where Carrie Bradshaw ate her cupcake. Then, walk to her apartment a few streets away and take a picture. (64 Perry Street, the apartment with the no trespassing sign)

Central Park

Take a stroll down Central Park and find the iconic treasures that make this park the most special place in the middle of the most vibrant city in the world.




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