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10 things to pack for a 4 day trip

You don’t need a huge luggage to make a four-day trip. Just put a few indispensable items in your suitcase. We are happy to help you with the following list:

1. Good walking shoes

Whether your trip is organized or free, you will have to walk. Sometimes over several miles. These short escapades are designed to help you discover cities. To take full advantage of them, they should preferably be done by walk. It is better to have good footwear to undertake such visits. Stopping at each intersection to rest sore feet may serve more to enrich the local cafés than to introduce you to the city!

2. Outdoor clothing adapted to the season

Unfortunately, no one is safe from the elements. So as not to let Mother Nature’s moods get the better of you, remember to bring a waterproof windbreaker or a good warm coat with a hood, depending on the season. In winter, don’t forget your warm boots for walking. Your feet will be delighted to keep their warmth to take you wherever you want to go.

3. Two sport tracksuits

Nothing better than your favorite Lululemon jogging pants or leggings for traveling. Especially since coach trips often take place at night or early in the morning, wearing comfortable sportswear for the road is a must for better relaxation. Pack one set for the outward journey and another for the return trip. They can also be used for a more lively activity during your stay.

4. A compact toiletry kit

In principle, no one leaves the house for a few days without a toilet bag containing the necessary items: toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, cosmetics and hair products, make-up, etc. However, try to put the essentials in your hand luggage so that you can refresh yourself during the trip. Several stops along the way give you access to bathrooms and running water. After 8 hours in a bus, no doubt that the urge to brush your teeth, among other things, will win you over!

5. A spare change to keep on the bus

In addition to the compact toilet bag, you are recommended to bring a change of clothes with you on the bus. Chances are you’ll want to change and freshen up when you get close to your destination. Bring light, wrinkle-resistant, versatile clothing that fits well in carry-on luggage (leggings or jeans and a T-shirt, for example). Don’t forget a “little wool”, a pashmina jacket or scarf for the trip. The temperature in buses and airplanes is not always suitable for everyone.

6. Clothing suitable for the planned activities

If you have opted for a tour package with visits, choose comfortable clothing for your travels. Plan on several layers. The days are long and the weather can vary from time to time. It’s better to get rid of extra layers than to be cold. Otherwise, you’ll have to do a little shopping to remedy the problem and buy any hoody sold for twice its value in a tourist attraction store!

Even if you have chosen a free travel package, you will have to walk to discover the city at your own pace. Once again, casual and versatile clothing will be more useful to you. Thinking of going out to a restaurant or a nightclub? Prepare a more glamorous outfit for outings, two at the most. The days are long when visiting a city. Your evening plans may be overturned in favor of a good night’s sleep. So bring only one pair of shoes for going out. They take up space in the suitcase and it’s always better to keep some for shopping!

7. 5 underwear…minimum

One thing is certain: you should never run out of clean underwear. For a 4-day trip, we can say one per day, but don’t forget that we might want to shower and change in the same day. It is preferable to bring between 5 and 8 clean underwear and socks. Long walks are not only exhausting for the feet, but also for the rest of the anatomy. More than one shower a day may be necessary!

8. A light backpack and a small personal bag

When it comes to traveling, it’s all about backpacking. It is not by visiting a city that your beach tote bag will be useful to you. We strongly recommend that you bring a light backpack to put your essentials for the day so that your hands are free to take pictures, among other things.

Also, be sure to keep important personal belongings such as credit cards, passport (if not in the room safe), money and cell phone on you. A small bag with a shoulder strap or to be worn around the waist is ideal since you can access your belongings at all times, without making them attractive to pickpockets.

9. Electronic and entertainment items

Unless you are traveling on business, leave your laptop at home. An electronic tablet and/or your smart phone, on which you have previously downloaded your favorite series and movies, will keep you entertained throughout the trip. Don’t forget to bring your headphones to respect other passengers. Don’t forget to download useful applications for your trip. Some coaches offer wifi while others do not. It is better to be well prepared before your departure. A good book is always welcome. It helps to relax and pass the time, without being subject to the vagaries of electronics!

10. Wet towels, tissues and hand sanitizer are recommended.

Finally, although coaches should normally have disinfectant in their washrooms, be sure to bring your own just in case. Also, it will be useful during your visits if you do not have access to soap and running water. Pocket-size tissues and wet wipes can also be useful for refreshment or if you run out of water in the public toilets. Some disinfectants are sold in spray cans. You can use them for both hands and surfaces. Convenient. Especially in times of pandemic!


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