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Road Trip USA

Top must-do road trips in the United States

Are you planning a Transamerican trip? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we present some of the most beautiful scenic routes in the country.

We were inspired to think of the most unique and amazing scenic roads you can drive in the United States.

The Lonely Road

True to its nickname, U.S. Highway 50 becomes a rather isolated stretch of road when it passes through Nevada. But there is also something strange and inspiring about this barren landscape. There is a curious lack of civilization that is hard to find in the modern United States. On a few hundred miles of road, you will encounter little more than seemingly endless valleys, distant mountains and lush vegetation.

It’s difficult in this dry, rocky environment. Whether you’re looking for solitude or just a unique driving experience. Nevada’s loneliest road is the answer. Be sure to refuel every time you enter one of the few small towns on the road.

The Old Mine Road.

On the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the mighty Delaware River flows through the Appalachian Mountains.

You can easily spend an entire vacation in this natural jewel of the northeast, the scenic drive alone is breathtaking. This road has a lot of history behind it. The section known as the Old Mine Road was built in the 17th century and signs of the area’s rich history are visible along the way. Add to this the autumn colours, views and waterfalls. And you have an enchanting walk.

The Kinka Morgus Highway

Speaking of good places to admire the fall colors, it would be hard to find a better display of radiant foliage than on this scenic New Hampshire highway that stretches nearly 35 miles along Route 12. The Kinka Morgus Highway is a long, winding breath of fresh air that takes you through the magnificent White Mountains National Forest. In addition to the red, yellow and orange leaves, you’ll see Rocky Gorge, the Swift River, various waterfalls and, of course, the ever-impressive White Mountains over the thirty-four and a half miles. You will see and breathe nature in its purest expression.

The Pacific Coast Highway, from California to Oregon and Washington.

You haven’t really crossed America by car until you’ve also been up and down its west coast. The Pacific Coast Highway isn’t just breathtaking. It takes you through so many cities, towns, villages, beaches, and parks that you’ll want to spend a good portion of your time making sure you do it right. Load up your camping gear and you’ll fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves at one of the many campsites. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t focus on California’s Big Sur in particular, which, even by East Coast Highway standards, is a site of outstanding natural beauty.

The famous Route 66 from Illinois to California

Instagramers, take out your phones. Once a major artery crossing America and one of the country’s very first highways. This historic highway has since been removed from the official U.S. highway system in favor of modern alternatives. But historic Route 66 has lost none of its well-known charm. And it’s the kind of road every serious traveler should take at least once in a lifetime. From Chicago to California, Route 66 doesn’t have to be traveled in its entirety to be appreciated. But the more you commit to it, the more you can discover charming retro attractions and different landscapes.

The Million Dollar Highway.

This road will not cost you a small fortune. But the views it offers are certainly worth a million dollars. This famous stretch of U.S. Highway 550, which runs 25 miles through western Colorado, is not for the faint of heart. For a dozen miles, it passes through Gray Gorge and the Red Mountain Pass, two poorly maintained areas with sharp bends, narrow lanes and gold.

There are no railings, but the views are unlike any other. And considering that large ARVs regularly travel the road, you can surely manage by car. Take your time and drive carefully. After all, when travelling by car, it’s the journey, not the destination, that counts.

The highway to Taos, New Mexico

This scenic highway stretches 56 miles from Santa Fe to Taos and offers an eclectic sample of New Mexico’s beautiful rural landscapes and surroundings.

The ever-changing landscape will take you through mountains, desert forests and windswept lowland. These are your meager rocky spires. Along the way, you’ll pass through a number of small towns steeped in the local traditional culture and each offering something unique for the traveler, with extra time to stop and visit the historic adobe houses, local sites and traditional crafts abound. This is a slice of America that you must visit to fully understand and appreciate.

Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia, North Carolina.

This all-American road is America’s favorite road. And when you’ve driven it for yourself, it’s hard to argue against that claim. From Afton, Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina…

This scenic drive along the mountainous backbone of this Appalachian region connects Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park and takes you through distinct geographic regions such as the Ridge, Plateau and Highlands. Each offers something unique, which means you’ll really want to take the 461 miles. With such beauty, the chances of getting bored are slim.

The sunshine route in Montana.

With a name like that, you know this road is going to be good, but nothing can prepare you for such beauty. Located in Glacier National Park, the route takes you through one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in America. This 50-mile stretch of road has been described as an engineering marvel because it really does bring you places you couldn’t reasonably travel by car, fancy wine through the Rocky Mountains. You’ll get one breathtaking view after another. It’s another tricky road to travel. But with everything you have to discover, you’ll want to take it easy anyway.

The Overseas Highway

This route is like few others, mainly because it has passed very little over land. The Overseas Highway, aptly named, is an all-American highway that stretches seven miles from Miami to Key West, partially built with the defunct Overseas Railroad. This unique route takes travelers into the open ocean, through tropical savannah and over the amazing coral reef, with places to stop, stretch their legs and explore the various keys along the way. The Overseas Highway is a journey in itself, which must be experienced to be understood.

Happy driving everyone!

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