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Information about Orleans Express

Orleans Express is a bus transportation company in Quebec, Canada offering the largest number of bus routes.

Travelling by Orleans Express bus means that everything has been thought of for your comfort: individual lighting, air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, footrests, etc.

Board these ultra-modern coaches, relax and arrive at your destination in top shape!

Here are the services included:

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi to prepare your trip, answer your emails or surf the Internet*.

Fold-down shelves
Take advantage of the fold-down tablets to finish a report or review an exam.

Electrical outlets
Coaches are equipped with individual power outlets, convenient for long trips!

Plenty of space
Legroom and a footrest are two essential ingredients for a successful trip!

Reclining seats
Reclining leather seats, armrests, folding shelves... Relaxation guaranteed!

*Since Wi-Fi is shared by all passengers, bandwidth-hungry activities, including video streaming, are not possible. The limit per person is 200 MB per 6-hour period.

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Orleans Express

Frequently Asked Questions

This is normal: Orleans Express sales are limited to 4 months in advance because the carrier changes its schedules during the year.
Your itinerary may not be available on that date due to an event or a temporary shutdown.
Yes, of course! You can buy it online, or with an agent at 514-700-2091 (call or text) by giving your email, so that the ticket and the invoice are sent to you electronically. You can then simply forward the email to the passenger.
The city you are going to is not served by Orléans Express, but may be served by another carrier. Contact us at 514-700-2091 (call or text) for information.

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