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New York Style Pizza

Do you love New York style pizza?

We compiled a list of Manhattan pizza shops you will love! 

Kesté Pizzeria

5$ Personal Pizza

Website: http://kestepizzeria.com/

Kesté Pizza & Vino has an in-house 5$ pizza populare menu with a choice of 3 different pizza pies (Margherita, Marinara and Mastronicola). 

Bleeker Street Pizza

3,50$ New York Style Pizza Slice

Website: https://www.bleeckerstreetpizza.com/

If you’re looking for an inexpensive New York style pizza slice, Bleeker Street Pizza is the right choice!

Percy’s Pizza

The 1$ Pizza Place

There are dozens of 1$ Pizza slice shops around Manhattan. It’s actually impressive to get something of great value for a dollar this day in age. It’s the perfect way to get a quick cheap snack.


Website: https://www.artichokepizza.com/

As soon as you walk in to Artichoke, you immediately start salivating at the beautiful thick pizzas on display. It’s not only beautiful but great tasting.

Lombardi’s Pizza

Website: https://www.firstpizza.com/

If you’re into pizza history, you must visit Lombardi’s Pizza. It’s the home of the first pizza in the United States. 

Joe’s Pizza

Website: http://www.joespizzanyc.com/

A Manhattan institution if you’re looking perfect New York style pizza slice. It’s the perfect mix of New York pizza flavors with the perfect crunchy crust.

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