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8 must-have mobile apps while traveling to New York City

You’re all packed and ready to go. Have you thought about mobile apps you can use offline to make your trip to New York City more enjoyable? Here is a short list of must-have application that once you start using them, you will wonder how you were able to do without.

Here are 8 must-have mobile apps while traveling to Manhattan and other boroughs.

Xe to calculate currency exchange

Xe.com offers a free mobile app to calculate the exchange rate for you to compare when shopping deals. You can quickly convert funds from US dollars to Canadian dollars to make sense of prices.

TripAdvisor for restaurant advice

How do you know which restaurant to pick while traveling to New York City? Your time while visiting any city is precious and the restaurant choice can make or break your evening. There are over 9300 restaurants listed in New York City and the TripAdvisor mobile app will help you chose the perfect place for you.

OpenTable for restaurant reservations

Now that you finally made a restaurant choice,  you can download the Opentable mobile application and make your reservation. You can easily find out the restaurant’s availability. This service has their own rating service from past customers which maybe even more reliable than TripAdvisor.

Maps.Me for offline maps

Maps.me allows you to view offline maps on your mobile device. How many stories have we heard where travelers got hit with the huge phone bill once they got home? The good news is that Maps.me doesn’t use your cell data so you will save on roaming charges. The maps and features are truly amazing and it’s free.

Google Translate

Break the language barriers with Google’s free mobile app Google Translate. You simply type what you want to say, and Google Translate will convert it to any language you need.

Google Trips

This Google app will help you plan and organize your trip. It also helps you decide what to do once you get there with many suggestions. Simply wave the magic wand and Google takes care of the rest.

TKTS for discounts on Broadway show tickets

Why pay full price for Broadway shows when you can save up to 70% off tickets.  You can become a member of TKTS and get tickets anywhere between 9$ and 47$. When you see the huge lineup on Time Square for people waiting to buy tickets, you will be happy to have this app. This service lets you buy tickets online directly from the mobile app.

There is a 35$/year membership fee but you more than make up for it on your first purchase.


There is the most critical mobile app New Yorkers rely on for up-to-the-minute real-time data on public transportation such as buses and subways.

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