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Hop on hop off bus tour

New York Hop on Hop off Bus Tour | The Pros and Cons

The New York hop on hop off bus tours can be great to see the city. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons you should know before spending time and money on these bus tours. It can be an enjoyable experience if you properly manage your expectations.

Pros of the New York hop on hop off bus tour

1: The bus brings you to all important sightseeing areas of New York. If you’re only interested in seeing the hotspots New York City has to offer, you should book this tour. It’s a great way to see the city.

2: It can be enjoyable to sit on the 2 level with the open roof and to see New York City.

3: They give you headsets to listen to a city tour in the language of your choice.

4: They have a knowledgeable tour guide on bus to give a city tour.

5: It’s cheaper than getting a taxi from one end of Manhattan to the other.

6: Those who understand how the bus works and managed their own expectations have an amazing experience.

7: In cases of rain, they provide ponchos. Is there something more fun than looking like a real tourist wearing a poncho? I didn’t think so.

8: You can book ahead of time. You will be able to pass by the aggressive resellers of this tour. Be sure to understand what to bring with you to avoid problems hopping on.


Cons of the New York hop on hop off bus tour

1: Wait times during busy times can very long; imagine showing up at your first hop on location and seeing a line that never ends. This could very well happen during busy times at popular locations like Times Square. It’s important to leave early from Times Square to avoid long lineups and hopping on a bus at less busy area during the day. Some buses arrive and they’re already full.

2: If it rains, there are less spots available. No one wants to sit on the wet seats while it’s raining. Not exactly a great experience.

3: Be sure to book the pass you need. Some tickets are for certain areas only

4: Some people will stay on the 2 level the whole day to see New York making difficult to get these seats.

5:The bus doesn’t go off the beaten path. If you like seeing areas of New York that are less touristy, this bus tour is not for you.

6: You could be stuck taking a seat in the first level of the double decker bus. It’s the same experience as being transported in a school bus.

7: Some double decker buses have no AC in the lower level.

8: You can’t bring big bags or luggage on this tour.

9: They sometimes close routes or offer less popular routes a few times a day only.

10: There could be delays causing buses to arrive later to hop on or hop off the bus.

11: High pressure sales from staff in New York can turn you off the whole idea of the double decker tour

12: It gets complicated if you lose your ticket and your receipt. They will often send you to head office to get them reprinted with fees. Some companies don’t even offer this service and you must pay again for the service.

13: You must keep your ticket safe. If you are found travelling without a valid ticket, you will be charged the full ticket price for a replacement ticket.

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