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New York Helicopter Tours

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Information about helicopter tours

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Ever been wondering what it looks like to be in the air and to be able to see more than just the airport from your airplane window. Well now is your chance.
You'll see some amazing views of the One World Observatory, the Empire State Building, Central Park and of course the Statue of Liberty only to name a few.

Helicopter tours are available year-round and departing from the lower Manhattan heliport. They cost around 250$ per person for a tour of about 15 minutes.
Want to add more thrill to your game? They also offer "Open door" helicopter tours, you'll be strapped in and you'll make the most amazing Instagram photo to take home.

Not quite sure about this? Why not visit the One World Observatory, located in lower Manhattan you'll still be able to see some gorgeous views of the whole island.
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Where do you board the helicopter?

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