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5 New York City Travel Tips Nobody Talks About

Everyone wants to make the most out of their trip without breaking the bank. Here are New York City tips nobody talks about.

Tip #1- NBA, NHL and concert tickets are much cheaper at the Brooklyn Barclays Center and Prudential Center

You can get on a subway Brooklyn bound and get off directly at the Barclays Center. You will find tickets much cheaper than going to a Rangers game at the Madison Square Gardens.

The Prudential Center is also another great place to get good prices on tickets and it’s only a 20 minute train ride away from Penn Station. Madison Square Gardens maybe the world’s most famous arena and extremely convenient but it comes at a price. If one of your favorite teams are in town, they will usually play the New Jersey Devils, the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders within the same week. We suggest you save a few bucks and take a short public transportation ride to the Barclays or Prudential Center. The same tip goes for concerts. Billie Eilish sounds the same in Brooklyn as she does in Manhattan 🙂

Tip #2- Don’t drive a car to New York City (or at least not in New York City)

There are no advantages to driving to New York and even less if you’re planing on driving in the city. The traffic is heavy throughout the day and night, and can be extremely frustrating. Car parking starts at roughly 50$ per day and it comes with many restrictions like not being able to take your car in and out of the garage. It’s much less expensive to take a bus into New York if you factor in the parking you don’t need to pay once you get there.

If you really need to park your car in New York City, we recommend you check on spot hero for deals.

If you plan on using street parking, don’t be surprised when your car gets towed. There are many street parking restrictions and tow trucks circle around the city looking for business.

Tip #3- You can get awesome views from rooftop restaurants and avoid expensive tower observatories.

New York City rooftop restaurants are the best places to get food and drinks while taking in amazing New York City views. Take a walk down to the Knickerbocker Hotel, Novotel or the Sanctuary hotel to understand what we mean.

Tip #4- Don’t eat at chain or fast food restaurants.

You’re in New York City which is the epicenter for international food. There are too many hidden gems and amazing local restaurants to eat at McDonald’s. Food tasting is part of the travel experience.

Tip #5- Don’t leave less than a subway fare ride on your subway Metrocard.

There are two numbers to remember when filling your Metrocard after the 1.00$ card fee: 22,30$ which is exactly 9 trips or 27,25$ for 11 rides. Both these amounts will leave your card at 0$ when you need to fill it up. Otherwise, there will always be a residual amount that is difficult to use. You can also buy 7 or 30 day unlimited rides using your Metrocard.

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