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Traveling to New York

Frequently Asked Questions about New York City

New York City is a big city with full of fun facts. In this article, we talk about everything you need to know before traveling to New York City.

How many people visit New York each year?

63 million

How many boroughs are there?


What are the names of each borough?

Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queen, Staten Island

Which is the smallest borough?


Which is the largest borough?

Brooklyn – In fact, if Brooklyn was still a city, it would the 4th largest city in the United States

How can I get great views of the Statue of liberty?

The Staten Island Ferry is a free transportation service for Staten Island residents to get to Manhattan. You can get great views of the Staten Island Ferry

How long of a walk between streets and avenues?

Walking from one avenue to another is equal to walking 3 short blocks.

It takes 1 minute to walk from one street to another along an avenue. It takes 5 minutes to walk from one avenue to another.

20 streets = 1 mile

How many numbered streets are there in Manhattan?

Streets run from 1st street up to 220th street.

Where are the avenues?

Avenues run from North to South

Where are the streets?

Streets run from East to West

What is a square?

A square is when Broadway crosses a street.

How to speak to taxi drivers when giving directions?

Try not to give the name of a hotel but rather give the cross streets.

What are the directions New Yorkers use?

Uptown, Downtown, East Side or West Side.

How to walk on sidewalks in New York?

Walk fast and don’t take the whole sidewalk. If you need to change direction, go to the side and then change directions when it’s safe to go. There are a lot of people and New Yorkers walk like they’re always in a hurry! Don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk and turn fast the other way because you will get run over and hurt.

How not to get stolen in New York?

New York is a safe city but like any other major metropolitan city, there is a lot of petty crime. If you don’t want to lose your stuff, keep an eye on it and make sure you don’t leave money in your pocket.

When is New York the busiest during the day?

Monday through Friday during rush hours

How much is New York style Pizza?

There are tons of pizza places that cost only 1$ per slice and it’s actually pretty good. If you want really amazing pizza, a slice will cost you 5$.

Can I use my credit card everywhere?

Yes but there is usually a minimum of 5$-10$ per transaction.

How much is lunch?

Lunch is roughly 10$ to 20$

How much is diner?

Diner is anywhere from 15$ to 40$

How much should I tip?

Tipping at restaurants in New York is 20%. If the service was just ok, you can leave 15%. If you want to leave less, talk to the manager. All other services such as taxis, bartenders or any other person servicing you should get a 15% tip on the total amount.

Some restaurants add gratuities on the bill so beware. If you’re not sure, ask your server if the service is included.

Should I buy an umbrella from street vendors?

The 5$ and 10$ umbrellas won’t last very long. Expect one strong wind to blow away your umbrella and leave you standing with the pole.

Beware of the Times Square characters?

The Times Square fake superheroes and Disney characters might pop into your photos and then ask you for money. Avoid them! Simply tell them to get out of the way before taking a picture with them. They will demand tips and can get aggressive if you decide not to pay them.

What is a Speakeasy?

A Speakeasy is a hidden cocktail bar. You typically need to enter a restaurant and take a secret door to access the Speakeasy.

How do I get cheap Broadway Show tickets?

The best ways to save on Broadway show tickets is by visiting a TKTS booth in Times Square or the financial district. You will need to wait in line but you can save up to 50% off the retail price.

There is also Broadwaybox.com that offers great deals: https://www.broadwaybox.com/


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