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Celebrate new year in New York at Times Square

Come celebrate the new year with us and over a million people in Times Square. We’ve compiled a list to help you live the best experience possible. Celebrating the new year in New York is a once in a lifetime exeperience.

Get there early

If you want to see the best concerts, you must arrive early. You should arrive around 3pm. If you arrive at 10:30pm, it’s practically impossible to get a spot in Times Square. The best spots to see the festivities are on 7th avenue between 43rd and 50th street.

Wear comfortable shoes or boots

We all want to be the best dressed on New Year’s eve to celebrate with our loved ones but this place is all about being comfortable and warm. This is standing room only so wear warm boots, snow pants, tuques, gloves and anything else to be comfortable. It’s a long night and you must be warm to enjoy your time.

No bags are allowed

Police officers won’t let you on site with bags for security reasons. For those who were thinking about bringing alcool, it’s strictly forbidden in public areas.

Eat and drink before getting there

Be sure to eat and drink before going to Times Square. If you must leave, you can’t come back in.

If your budget permits, we recommend you book at a restaurant that offers food and drinks. It’s not cheap but you will be glad you’re in a warm place with entertainment, food, drinks and bathrooms.

Go to the bathroom before going to Times Square.

There are no bathrooms in Times Square available. Be sure to go to the bathroom before going to Time Square.

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