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New Jersey or Manhattan hotel?

While most of our packages include a New Jersey hotel, it is possible to replace your accommodations to stay in Manhattan. Regardless, both choices have its advantages.

New Jersey hotel: to save!

Looking to save money for shopping? Go for the New Jersey option! This choice will let you visit New York without breaking the bank. Most New Jersey hotels include breakfast and free wifi. At the end of the day, it’s all about having that extra money to spend money on new shoes at DSW. Our hotels are located between 15 to 30 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel depending on the traffic. You can think of it like visiting Montreal and sleeping at the Dorval airport.

Manhattan hotel: to make the most out of your vacation and to feel like a local!

Not big on having a pre-defined itinerary? You like staying out late and sleeping in? A Manhattan hotel will give you the freedom to let you make the most of your weekend. The travel experience is also another factor to chose a Manhattan hotel.

PS : If you’re looking to stay in Manhattan and save, consider traveling during the winter months. It’s almost the same price if not cheaper than New Jersey hotels.


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