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Things to make your long bus trip simply awesome!

Whether you are visiting New York, Boston, Chicago or Washington, here are 6 important points that are essential to make the most out of your trip.

Get informed before you leave

It’s important to check out what the city has to offer before you leave Outre vérifier la météo qui varie d’une ville à l’autre, vous pouvez effectuer quelques recherches sur des activités à ajouter à votre forfait pour maximiser votre temps sur place, mais aussi pour économiser, notamment sur la conversion des dollars canadiens en américains (plusieurs activités se vendent via Tourika.com en devises canadiennes!). Aussi, des sites tels que Opentable ou TripAdvisor vous conseillent sur de bons restaurants à essayer, la gastronomie faisant partie des incontournables lors de la visite de grandes villes!

Bring a backpack

It’s probably not going to make you win a fashion competition, but a backpack is extremely useful to bring a change of clothes or to carry a small umbrella in case it starts to rain. Also, where will you put all the clothes you purchase during your shopping spree! If you’re on an organized tour, you will be able to leave your bag in the bus when you feel you won’t be needing it.

Bring comfortable shoes.

You can’t go out without your high heel shoes or stilettos? You can bring a pair in your backpack or better yet, buy a new pair at DSW on 34th street. During the walking tours, you will be happy to walk around in comfortable shoes because you will walk many miles during your weekend. Between following your Tourika guide and shopping, it can be a challenging sport. Be prepared!

Be prepared for weather changes

You just got out of the hair salon and you’re getting excited for a fun filled weekend. It begins to rain and you’re chances of having better hair that J.Lo are slim to none. Bring an umbrella, windbreaker, poncho and a comfortable hoodie. Mother nature has a sense of humour and you will be laughing with her instead of giving her attitude.

Stay connected

Don’t leave home without your iphone, google pixel or samsung phone. Many fear they will get billed outrageous amounts by their cell phone companies because they’re leaving the country. While this fear is understanding, you simply need to put your phone on airplane mode and search for the free wifi. You will be able to instantly update your instagram page, find recommendations for restaurant and use Google Maps to find attractions you want to visit.

We also recommend you call your cell phone provider to upgrade your data plan. It will be useful when you need information during your trip.

Our New Jersey hotels provide free wifi to all our customers. Travellers who prefer to stay directly in Manhattan will get wifi with the package they must buy at the hotel. There are also wifi services such as LinkNYC that provides wifi throughout New York City.

Learn from others and share your experiences

The best way to be prepared is to consult others who lived the experience already. Customer comments, opinions and impressions are essential to manage your expectations and avoid being disappointed.

Bus temperature can be too hot or too cold

Wear a t-shirt and sweatshirt over it in case you get too cold or too hot, it will be easy to adjust.

Have a great vacation!

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