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Map of Lake Louise

Tourika's Perfect 3 Itinerary

Welcome to your new postal card picture! Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper & all.

AM: Johnston Canyon

PM: Banff gondola or tunnel mountain hike or east of rundle hike (In Canmore).

Morning: Lake Louise

AM: Lake Agnes trail or plains of the six glacier trail.

PM:: Lake Minnewanka & Banff Upper hot springs.

AM: Moraine Lake & Icefields Parkway & Peyto Lake

PM: Vermillion Lake & explore the town of Banff.

Most common questions

Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper & the rest all have designated parking that can be used when you are planning to hike a glacier or just to go on a walk.

It is important to know that you cannot park anywhere you like in a National Park because it is wildlife protected and you could be facing federal penalties for doing so.

If you stay in the designated campings spots and do not adventure outside the trails you'll be just fine. Note that while it's still a National Wildlife Park, rangers are patrolling around to make sure you are safe from dangers.

If you see that a route has been closed to the public, don't adventure on it, if the road is closed it can be because animals have been spotted crossing the path and they do not want you to interfere with them.

Always think about your safety before doing something. If you do not abide by the rules established by the rangers you could face criminal charges.

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