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Greyhound bus

Best advice for a Greyhound bus trip

We’ve compiled a list of the top tips and tricks you should know before riding the Greyhound bus. This list comes from our staff’s experience with this bus company. Our goal is to give you advice that will make your Greyhound experience more memorable.

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Before you book, you must read this.

When booking your Greyhound tickets, be sure you don’t make mistakes. If you needed to make corrections to your tickets, there will be fees and it could mean you purchasing a new ticket.

Arrive early

Greyhound recommends that you arrive 20 minutes before departure. We recommend you arrive at least 60 minutes. The reason is that Greyhound works by first come first serve basis. They usually have enough space but if for some reason the bus is full and no other buses are leaving to your destination, you will need to wait for the next departure.

Greyhound overbooks so get there early.

Your ticket is like money

Would you throw a 100$ bill in the garbage? I didn’t think so. My point is don’t lose your paper ticket because it’s exactly like cash. If you lose your ticket, you will need to purchase another ticket.

I get that we’re in the age of electronic ticketing but Greyhound sets their own rules. They will eventually get there but for the time being, don’t lose your bus ticket. Keep it as safe as you would your passeport.

Bring water and snacks

We suggest you bring healthy snacks and water for the ride. When the bus stops in a rest area, the only choices are often fast food restaurants such as Burger King or McDonald’s.

Listen to bus driver’s instructions carefully

When there is a stop at a bus station, the bus driver will often demand everyone get off the bus. It’s usually to pick up others, take a break or gas up. Regardless, ask questions to the bus driver on your way out of the bus. Ask about  where they need to go and how long before the bus leaves again. Also ask if someone will let them know when you can embark the bus and at what times does it leave again.

If you understood correctly, just confirm with the bus driver. You can also ask employees at the station questions about your departure.

Watch your stuff

When you give your luggage to the bus driver, watch your belongings go inside the bus. Be sure you keep your carry-on bags with you at all times.

When I travel, I bring my man purse and keep it around my neck at all times. The last thing you want to lose or get stolen is your phone, money, credit cards and your passport.

When traveling by bus, try not to stand out by flashing expensive items such as laptops, expensive jewelry,  credit cards and money.

Use the BusTracker

You can use the bustracker on the Greyhound website to find your bus by schedule number, departure city or arrival city. This will give you the ability to get live status updates on expected arrival times. This is especially great for those who are getting picked up at the station.

Bring hand sanitizer and toilet paper

The bus should be clean and the bathrooms well stocked. Just in case, I suggest you bring a small roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It can come in handy if the bus runs out of stock.

Bring a t-shirt, sweatshirt and a blanket.

Buses, just like cars, planes trains are mechanical. This means that things can break. Heat and air conditioning can malfunction so bringing extra layers is a good idea.

Bring headphones

Headphones will allow you to listen to what you want without disturbing anyone around you.

Download movies or a series on your tablet or phone

I can’t think of a better way to make the time fly than a movie or two, or a Netflix series.

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