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Funny tour guide stories

Our tour guides spend countless hours guiding groups to New York City and I asked if they would share their funniest stories.

You just won 100$ gag

Every group has someone who’s always trying to make people laugh, also known as the clown. One of our tour guide used to love playing pranks on this person. The tour guide would purchase a large plastic 100$ bill in Chinatown. When we came back to Montreal from New York, the tour guide would tell the group that we are giving out 100$ out of her pocket for a random draw.

She would mentioned that the only thing she asked if that the winner do a happy dance if they won. Anyone who didn’t want to participate could simply raise their hand and they would be excluded. Of course, the group clown was all in.

She would put a bunch of papers in a hat and put his name on each one of the papers. When he won, the group got to see the most joyful happy bus dance ever. She would let him
dance for a minute and pull out a giant 100$ plastic bill. Needless to say, the group got a kick out of it.

Don’t forget anything

One of the rules for a successful group trip is punctuation. The tour guide always makes a point to tell the group that we leave on time every time and to not forget anything on the bus or at the hotel.

Marie-France, our tour guide, had just left the hotel with her group and told the group that they would not be going back until later that evening. She mentions that she hopes nobody forgot anything. Just has she’s barely finished her sentence, an older man get up and yells “My teeth, my teeth… I forgot my teeth at the hotel”.

While it’s not cool to laugh at people in distress, when something is funny, it’s just funny. The group became hysterical.

The tour guide just had to make an exception and went back to the hotel to get the man’s chiclets.

Lost in translation

We had a Franco-Ontarien tour guide that was guiding a French group to Boston. She spoke French really well but with a broken accent. She wasn’t too familiar with some of the French sayings.

“Un baiser” in French means a kiss. If misused, it also means making love.

During the trip, the bus driver fought traffic and got the group out of the city safely. The tour guide grabbed the mic and told told the French group how she was so happy that she could kiss the driver. Little did she know, she told the group that she was so happy that she wanted to make love to the bus driver.

The group and the bus driver laughed non-stop and it became the running gag all weekend long.

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