New York City Parcs

The vast majority of New York parcs office free wifi to all it’s visitors. You can consult the free wifi chart for more information.


For those who can’t help checking their emails, Facebook and Instagram will de delighted to hear that New York City offers free wifi in most subways. You can find all active stations here.

At hotels

All our packages that include a New Jersey hotel offers free wifi. Most of them offer premium high-speed Internet at no extra charge. If you’re staying at a Manhattan hotel, wifi will be included in your mandatory facility fees.


Another way of staying connected is by using LinkNYC stations. Remember the old phone booths? New York City decided to replace them with wifi stations. Here is a search engine to find LinkNYC free wifi stations.

Restaurants, cafés, and other public areas

Most restaurants and cafés, and some public areas will offer free wifi. There are over 240 Starbucks coffee shops around Manhattan and they all offer free wifi.