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What attractions are near the Empire Hotel

Directly across the street, guests can walk to the renowned Lincoln Center, which includes the Metropolitan Opera House, Jazz at Lincoln Center and Alice Tully Hall, to see year round live spectaculars. Stroll down the tree lined streets of the Upper West Side and you will reach Columbus Circle and the idyllic Central Park.

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Empire Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium high-speed internet access for all devices is included in The Empire Hotel Residence Fee We provide complimentary WiFi throughout the entire building’s public spaces
Unlimited use of the Empire Hotel Fitness Center is included in The Empire Hotel Residence Fee Available 24 hours, The Empire Hotel Fitness Center is equipped with free weights stations, cardio stations, and multipurpose station for weight lifting.
Empire Hotel Valet Parking $75.00 Parking Near The Empire Hotel iCon Parking 64th Street