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Bus trip to Vancouver

What to expect during the ride

One thing you should be aware of is that you'll be making your way to your destination by commercial transportation or via chartered buses.
Tourika Inc. is doing business with known transport agencies that have made their mark in the industry. Safety is Tourika's number one priority, we would never put your safety at risk and our partners abide by the same policy.

Good to know if you are traveling with Tourika's chartered buses

Q: Is there wifi onboard?
A: Unfortunately since we are renting buses from multiples companies we can never guarantee that your bus will be equipped with the proper technology to offer this service.

Q: Is there a lavatory onboard?
A: Yes! However, our groups will make a few stops on the way so you can use "proper" bathrooms. Please keep in mind that we all have to ride with the lavatory, therefore it is better for everyone if we can keep it's use to a minimum.

Q: Is there someone from your team with us?
A: Good news! There is!! Ask your questions away and enjoy our top-notch service while onboard Tourika's buses!!

Q: What is my baggage allowance?
A: Tourika doesn't weight or measure your suitcases but we kindly ask that everyone keep it's pieces of baggage to what's only necessary for the duration of your stay.

Now that you know all about traveling with Tourika's you should know a bit more about our partners.

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You're traveling with another agency that is not listed here, don't worry click here to chat with us so we can answer all your questions.

Vancouver Map

Hotels we recommend

Things to do in Vancouver

Tourika's Perfect 3 Itinerary

Welcome to Van-City, short for Vancouver.

Tourika prepared this perfect itinerary for people that don't want the trouble of looking for what to do or just for people that wants ideas on what they can actually do during their stay in Vancouver. It's free! Read it, do it, it's up to you to make your vacations the way you like it.

Let's get this started...

AM: Rise & Shine, look outside it's beautiful so why not go for a little exploration of Stanley Park! Pretty isn't it?!

LUNCH: Walk around Downtown Vancouver and find the perfect restaurant for your "happy" meal! My suggestion; Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar

PM: After your nice meal the only thing you want is to spice up the adventure!! Head to Capilano Suspension Bridge for awesome breathtaking views & vibes of BC's forest.

Ahhh!! Already time to wake up sunshine! It's okay while you were asleep we made sure to prepare this B*** itinerary just for you!

AM: Walk or take the Sky Train to Granville Island and enjoy your morning with the sounds of birds and make sure you go for the official visit of Granville Brewery where you'll be able to ask all the questions you want about beers! Pssst...you can even try them!!

LUNCH: Let's go looking for a nice snack on the island. You'll find lots of small shops and "On-The-Go Restaurants" to satisfy your belly.

PM: Let's head to the boat excursions office located on Granville Island and go for another adventure that will make you speechless.

Let's take it easy today! Go with the flow.

AM: Rent a bike in downtown Vancouver and simply bike around the city. Let your guts guide through this magnificent city.

LUNCH: Grab some food anywhere you'd like. By now you probably know what areas are good for you to eat.

PM: Head out to Gastown and put yourself on your best to enjoy this fancy night. Grab a drink or two and just be the chatty person you are and meet people from across the world.