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Bus routes from popular cities in the United States

Bus routes from popular U.S cities

Vancouver, like every Canadian provinces, does not include tips in their prices. It is up to you of how much you'd like to let your waitress or waiter.

The recommended percentage is the same as the province taxes. So let's say taxes are 15% then you are suggested to leave 15% of your total bill in tip. However, tips are on a voluntary base and are not an obligation.

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Vancouver got an amazing and fully functional transit system. Here are the following methods of transportation you can use while staying there.

1) Sky Train - Run's from 5 am to 2 am the following day.

2) Buses - Run's 24/7 (Some lines are not available at night time).

3) Seabus - Please check schedules accordingly (Subject to change due to weather)

If none of these methods fits your needs, you can also try taxi services. Note that service like Uber & Lyft is illegal and unavailable in British Columbia.

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