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Seattle Bus Tour

3 days bus trip from Vancouver to Seattle

It’s 5am and I’m headed to the Vancouver Pacific Central Station to take a Greyhound bus from Vancouver to Seattle. I could have also taken the train instead of opting for the bus but the train was more expensive. Boltbus also leaves from this station. They both offer similar service and drop you off downtown Seattle close to hotels and attractions.

Day 1 – Bus to Seattle, tour the city

We just got Seattle and I’m so excited to explore the city. We just stopped and I

As soon as I arrive to Seattle, I bought an ORCA card that let’s me ride buses throughout the city, trains and ferrys. The card will cost 5$ but it’s well worth it since you won’t need the exact change every time you want to move around. It’s a tap in tap out system that’s extremely convenient. A ride will cost you 2,50$ during regular times and 2,75$ during rush hour.

I just checked in to my hotel: Crowne Plaza Seattle Downtown. We drop our bags and start explore popular attractions near the hotel such as CenturyLink Field, T-Mobile Park, Pike Place Market to name a few. We decided to spend the day walking around and experiencing the beautiful city of Seattle. I now know what the fuss what all about!

Day 2 – Seattle

We woke up early and immediately start getting excited about the day that was in store for us. We plan on spending time on the waterfront and taking a boat tour with Argosy cruises in the morning. It was well worth it. The feeling of seeing the Seattle skyline while cruising the Pacific ocean is indescribable. No picture can give you that feeling unless you’re there.

After spending an amazing time on the boat, we decided to walk to Pike Place Market and get lunch.

We headed over to the Museum of Pop Culture. You can see a 3D virtual tour here of the MoPOP.

We then headed over to the Space Needle to see a 360 degree view of Seattle at sunset. We really loved our experience. You can see a webcam of the Space Needle here.

Day 3 – Seattle

We knew it was our last day in Seattle and we decided to walk around and be as spontaneous as possible. We decided to spend our last hours as if we were locals and it was a great decisions.

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