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Bus Ride New York

Bus rides don’t need to suck | Tips and tricks

Let’s face it, getting from point A to point B is not the fun part of traveling. Unless of course you’re traveling in first class on Singapore airlines and you dished out 23,000$ for your airline ticket. Having said that, there are ways to make your bus ride more interesting. Bus ride don’t need to suck!

Here are tips and tricks to make the most out of your bus ride.

Call your cell phone provider and get a data plan

Most restaurants, hotels and cafés will provide Internet access which is quite nice. The only problem is that you can’t bring these fine places with you when you’re roaming the streets.

All cell phone companies have inexpensive plans that will let you consume data on your existing plan.

Download Netflix movies for offline viewing

Streaming movies on your data plan is never a good idea unless you can dip into Mark Zuckerberg’s bank account.

There are cases when streaming data is a fantastic idea such as trying to make your 2 year old stop running around the restaurant or maybe you’re on a horrible date and you can watch old reruns of Sex in the City.

We recommend you that you download movies on your phone or tablet to make your trip more enjoyable. And don’t forget your earphones.

Bring a pillow and blankets

Bringing a small pillow and a blanket maybe the reason you decide to send us a love letter. There is absolutely nothing worse that being tired and can’t find a way to get comfortable.

Download mobile apps before you go.

We recommend you install travel apps on your cell phone before you start your trip. There are so many awesome travel apps that will make you save time, money and will greatly enhance your travel experience.

Note: Immediately after your booking, you will receive the Tourika mobile app that gives you all kinds of cool features.

Stay positive and don’t sweat the small stuff

Life is full of surprises and it takes all kinds of them to keep things interesting.
Knowing this, we recommend you have the “I’m going with the flow” attitude and keep smiling even during bad times. All kinds of problems can occur during your vacation: delays, stops, mechanical problems, traffic, rude personnel in stores and restaurants, and the list goes on and on.

While our staff has your best interest at all times, there are things that will happen that is completely out of our control.

If you’re traveling on an organized tour, keep in mind that it’s impossible for us to please everyone. Some may want to return to leave Manhattan earlier and some would have liked to leave later. We try to balance things out for the group’s best interest.

“I was stuck in an airport for 48 hours in Denver during the Salt Lake City Olympics because mechanical problems and continuously kept being bumped. I met awesome people, and watched the soccer games with strangers that became friends. I made the most of a bad situation”
– Alain Pilon, Founder @ Tourika

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