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Bus trip from Quebec City to Montreal

Montreal Downtown Map

What to expect during the ride

One thing you should be aware of is that you'll be making your way to your destination by commercial transportation or via chartered buses.
Tourika Inc. is doing business with known transport agencies that have made their mark in the industry. Safety is Tourika's number one priority, we would never put your safety at risk and our partners abide by the same policy.

Good to know if you are traveling with Tourika's chartered buses

Q: Is there wifi onboard?
A: Unfortunately since we are renting buses from multiples companies we can never guarantee that your bus will be equipped with the proper technology to offer this service.

Q: Is there a lavatory onboard?
A: Yes! However, our groups will make a few stops on the way so you can use "proper" bathrooms. Please keep in mind that we all have to ride with the lavatory, therefore it is better for everyone if we can keep it's use to a minimum.

Q: Is there someone from your team with us?
A: Good news! There is!! Ask your questions away and enjoy our top-notch service while onboard Tourika's buses!!

Q: What is my baggage allowance?
A: Tourika doesn't weight or measure your suitcases but we kindly ask that everyone keep it's pieces of baggage to what's only necessary for the duration of your stay.

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Whether for work or pleasure, traveling by bus from Quebec City to Montreal is a fast, reliable, and affordable way to soak up the sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps. So, forget the traffic headache and leave the hard work to our friendly, professional drivers.
All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Wanna hang? Follow us, we'll be guiding you!

Montreal is one of those city that never sleeps, anything you want you can actually get it at any given time of the day or night.

One of the best place to walk around and enjoy breakfast would be the Old Port, just sit down, enjoy your coffee and take in that view.

The Old Port of Montreal is also home of multiple little season boutique where you can find artisan products and gifts for any occasion.

Sometimes its host of Food Trucks event, I guarantee you'll find food that suits your mood.

Walk by the canal and enjoy the scenery of Five Roses old factory. Walk back up and go visit the Notre-Dame Basilica.

The best way to end you night would be on Ste-Catherine's street where you'll find amazing pubs, restaurants, and bars.

Here is our top 3 restaurants for anyone of likes foodies and good drinks.

Weinstein & Gavinos (Italian Restaurant)

Great prices, good food and amazing ambiance.

Kampai (Tapas Style)

Great for sharing, prices are not too shabby and the staff is really nice.

3 Brewers (Pub)

Ideal for people that loves all types of beers & enjoy great food.

Mont-Royal is probably on the of the best sightseeing spot to be in Montreal. You'll see people walking theirs dogs, people running, doing yoga it's the type of place you'd go with your pumpkin spice latte and walk with you significant other.

Head up to the top and take in that view, take pictures but take time to check out the whole place.

Take your afternoon and enjoy the Mile-End. Go enjoy a cup of coffee and try a bagel, fun fact Montréal is home of the best bagel place! Head out to St-Viateur Bagels and you'll see what we're talking about.

Here is our top 3 place to go eat around the Plateau

La Banquise (Poutine Place)

Probably one of the best poutine you can find in Montreal. Often have people waiting outside for a table.

Schwartz's (Smoked Meat)

You must try this out! One of the best smoked meat place

Cacao 70 (Breakfast Place)

Great Breakfast place to enjoy with various different products and chocolates

You can't go to Montreal not visit the Jean Drapeau Park. It's one of the best outdoor spot after Mont-Royal. You'll find museums, pools, parks, trails, needless to say this is one stop spot for your daily outdoor activities.

You can access this island by taking the metro yellow line, the fee from Berri-Uqam is about 4$ per person. You can also buy a day pass, that would give you unlimited bus & metro ride for that day.

You can also go to La Ronde, one of the famous Six Flags parks around the world.

An entry for one is about 75$ for the whole day, that gives you access to all the attractions that are on static display, go-karting and others "a la carte" activities are not included in this entry price.

If you are like us and don't want to wait for hours to get on a ride, you can also get a fast pass starting at about 40$ and depending on the privileges that comes with it can go up to 100$

See our below list for the top 3 rooftop to end you stay in Montreal on a bright note

William Gray

Great food, good wine list and the view is just amazing

Les Enfants Terribles

This place is located at the top of Montreal with great wine and amazing food


Fancy restaurant with famous drinks, service is top notch

Montreal, I've changed!

Québec, I've changed

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Montreal bus terminal: 1717 Berri St, Montreal, Quebec H2L 4E9
Uber, Taxi, Bike Path, Walking

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