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Buses from Ottawa to Québec

Buses from Ottawa to Québec

from $25

Bus from Ottawa to Quebec

Sit back, relax, and take the short two-hour journey by bus from vibrant Montreal to Canada’s bustling capital, Ottawa. Our professional, friendly driver does all the hard work for you so you can tune out and enjoy the stunning, changing scenery out the bus window.
Travelling by bus is affordable, reliable, and stress-free, whether you’re taking a weekend getaway, visiting Ottawa for work, or exploring the great country of Canada.

A dynamic, vibrant capital

Ottawa ticks all the boxes as a dynamic, vibrant, bilingual capital.
Downtown, Canada’s colossal Gothic Parliament buildings tower above pedestrians. Surrounding districts boast their own personalities and characters. Stroll around the picturesque Rideau Canal to experience Ottawa’s energetic city centre at its very best.
If you’ve travelled by bus from Montreal to Ottawa and you plan to stay for a few days, the many world-class museums and galleries are worth a visit.

An outdoor playground

Sprawling parks, luscious gardens, and open community spaces offer plenty of outdoor fun year-round. The being said, Ottawa certainly exhibits all four seasons, with temperatures regularly dropping below freezing between December and March.
During the colder months, locals skate to work and school along the frozen canal. If you’re visiting at this time, don’t miss the Winterlude festival, which showcases exceptional ice sculptures.

Where creativity thrives

At its heart, Ottawa is a hub for creatives. Get in the spirit yourself and step outside of your comfort zone – attend an art class or two or test your skills in an escape room. Don’t miss the smaller art galleries and creator studios dotted around the city.

Take a bus from Montreal to Ottawa

Ottawa is a fantastic place to visit. So, take a couple’s weekend away, a family trip, or a work excursion and travel by bus from Montreal to Ottawa.
Our seats are comfortable and spacious, and our safety-conscious drivers know the best route to get you to your destination as fast as possible. Book your seat today.

Map of Ottawa and it's surroundings

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