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Bus from Laval to New York

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Hilton Doubletree Metropolitan

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Central Park tour

Why take the bus from Montreal to New York

Over 70% of Quebecers that drive from Montreal to New York City get there by car. Have you ever considered taking the bus? In this article, we get into the reasons why the bus is the best option while traveling to New York City.

Bus service is the most cost effective way to travel throughout North America and getting from Montreal to New York is no exception.

How long does it take to get to New York City from Montreal by bus?

While a car maybe somewhat faster than taking the bus, it will only increase your travel time by 30 to 60 minutes. The route is roughly 600km and will take 7.5 hours including the stops we make at US Customs and a restaurant for one hour.

We get many inquiries at Tourika about taking the train from Montreal to New York. Once we explain the times of departure and duration, people are typically considering a better alternative. The train ticket price is also much more than Tourika's starting price at 129$ CAD round trip bus from Montreal to New York.

Here is a screenshot from Amtrak website. You can easily spot the problems with opting for the train to get to New York City.

Departure time at 10:20am arriving in New York City at 8:50pm
Duration of 10.5 hours
Ticket price at 146 USD
Return time at 8:15am arriving in Montreal at 7:11pm

What about taking a flight instead of the bus?

You can't beat taking an Air Canada flight from the Montreal airport (YUL) and arriving in New York City an hour later. You feel like you leave the airport and in no time the flight attendant let you know they are commencing the descent. Having said that, here are a few disadvantages to think about:

You must arrive at least 2 hours prior to departure. The airline could refuse you boarding of the plane if you try to register 1 hour or less prior to departure. Expensive parking at the airport Potential lengthy lines at security and customs The flight ticket price is typical double, triple or more than the bus ticket price. You arrive at a New York airport as opposed to midtown New York City. A taxi from Newark, JFK or La Guardia airports to Midtown New York will cost anywhere from 45$USD to 75$USD.

In most cases, with chartered buses like ours, the US customs officers will enter the bus and ask everyone to take out their passport. He or she will then collect them, scan them and give them back to the tour guide. This procedure usually takes 15 to 20 minutes. During holidays, the wait times are more significant but it's the same for the car lanes.

Why driving is the most popular option?

It's obvious that it's easiest way to get to from Montreal to New York City is by car. You get in your car and off you go. The route duration is roughly 6.5-7 hours considering you will stop at customs, and for gas and food along the way.

Here are some not so good reasons you should leave your car at home and consider taking the bus

No parking fees (parking in Midtown Manhattan is roughly 15$ or more per 30 minutes. Hotels have daily rates at roughly 50$ per day.)
Convenience of being dropped off close to all hotels and attractions. Many of our customers will walk to their hotel.
You won't need your car once you get there.
Unless you're driving Kitt from the Knight Rider series, chances are you will need to stay awake during the ride. It's highly recommended :) When you take the bus, sit back, relax or fall asleep.
What are the advantages of taking the bus from Montreal to New York?

Where do we start?

The first advantage that comes to mind is the fact that you can rest and not worry about driving. You won't get a speeding ticket on your way to New York or on your way back. At the prices of speeding tickets today, you could have flown Air Canada. You can sleep the whole way and have energy once you get there. First stop is directly in Midtown Manhattan close to all major hotels.
Where can I purchase a bus ticket?

Tourika has bus line tickets that leaves from major Quebec cities such as Montreal, Quebec, Laval, Trois-Rivières and Longueuil. The bus tickets start at 129$ per person, taxes included. At this price, it will leave you with more money for shopping. It's one major reason we recommend travel by bus: price.

You can also consider Greyhound if you are looking for bus tickets during the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Port Authority Bus Terminal located in Manhattan at the following address: 625 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018, USA
You will be dropped off at the Port Authority Bus Terminal located in Manhattan at the following address: 625 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018, USA
Using public transit is pretty much the fastest and more used way to get around in NYC. Buses and some subway lines run 24h. You can use a taxi, Uber, and Lyft or have private transport.

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