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We arrived early at Port Authority Terminal in New York City from Montreal on the overnight Greyhound bus trip. We dropped off our luggage at the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites New York Manhattan Times Square South with the concierge since our check-in wasn’t until 4pm. We decided to go straight to Rockefeller Center to admire the beautiful iconic Christmas tree. It’s a perfect place to get into in the Christmas spirit. We then went to the famous toy store F.A.O Swartz so I can play the large scale piano seen in the movie Big. It’s time for lunch and we headed over to the Burger Joint, the hidden snack bar at the Parker New York hotel. It was so worth the hour wait to bite into an amazing burger and fries. Afterwards, we headed down Fifth avenue to admire the beautiful decorated store Windows. Sax Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman had the best Christmas window displays but close to every other store deserve honorable mentions. We arrived at the Empire State Building to visit the observatory. I’ve been many times before but I was really excited to check out the new Empire State Building experience. It did not disappoint. They’ve completely revamped and added a beautiful exhibits to admire as you walk to the elevators to the 86th floor. They added many artifacts and documentary movies of the history of the Empire State Building. As we enter the renovated 86th floor, we took in the breathtaking views of Manhattan. We upgraded our ticket to visit the 102nd floor to see the city from a higher bird’s eye view. It was one of the highlights of our trip. We walked back to our hotel making stops at Macy’s to see more Christmas decorations and stopped to eat at Fresh&Co to eat a poke bowl. It’s been a long day so we decided to check-in to our hotel and get ready for day 2.
We woke up early, got a breakfast sandwich at Carve Unique Sandwiches and headed to the Vessel at Hudson Yards to walk up the stairs. You must book in advance but the activity is free. Once we came down from the Vessel, we walked a few steps to the entry point of the High Line Park. What a pleasure to walk the High Line and take in the views of the city, architecture and art on display. We walked until the end of the High Line up to Gansevoort street. Since we were in Chelsea, we wanted to check out the Christmas decorations at Chelsea Market. As we’re walking to the market, we saw a unique Starbucks and decided to get some hot drinks. You can check out the Starbucks Reserve Roastery‘s website to understand our experience. We’re an hour away from seeing a broadway show: Harry Potter and the cursed child. In full disclosure, I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie nor have I read the books. I have to say that it’s now my top Broadway show. It was entertaining and magical to say the least. It’s a mix of a great story and illusions. The play went from 2pm until 4:30pm and the second part is at 7pm until 10pm. I though at first it would be too long the time flew by. It was so good! I would definitely see it again. We found a restaurant near our hotel called Samba Kitchen, a Brazilian restaurant. It was a really cute place and the food was really good. I would recommend it.
After breakfast at our hotel, we took the subway from Times Square down to the Financial District. We walked around The Oculus. Over the last 10 years, the financial district as become a must see when visiting New York City. We took a taxi to Pier 16 to try our newest activity added to our organized tour: The Hornblower Statue of Liberty cruise.
On day 4, we got up early, and headed over to the Shops at Columbus Circle to do my favorite sport which is shopping. We then walked through the Columbus Circle Holiday Market. It’s not the biggest Christmas market but the products are made locally. We headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and got there by walking through the beautiful Central Park. If you’re into museums like myself, you will really love the Met. The pieces seen at this museum make you realize that we’ve come a long way. The Egyptians, Greeks and American Indians to name a few. We made lunch reservation at the Met and requested a table overlooking Central Park. The food was to die for. Everything you would expect from fine dining exceeded our expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions about New York City

Tipping in New York City is 20% for good service. If the service is average, you can tip between 15% to 18%. If you feel like the service was awful, talk to the manager.
The New York Subway is the best way to get around. For a complete guide to the New York Subway, you can click here for Tourika's complete guide to the New York Subway.
63 million
There are 5 boroughs in New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.
Brooklyn – In fact, if Brooklyn was still a city, it would the 4th largest city in the United States
The Staten Island Ferry is a free transportation service for Staten Island residents to get to Manhattan. You can get great views of the Staten Island Ferry.
Walking from one avenue to another is equal to walking 3 short blocks. It takes 1 minute to walk from one street to another along an avenue. It takes 5 minutes to walk from one avenue to another. 20 streets = 1 mile
Streets run from 1st street up to 220th street.
Avenues run from North to South
Streets run from East to West
A square is when Broadway crosses a street.
Try not to give the name of a hotel but rather give the cross streets.
Uptown, Downtown, East Side or West Side.
Walk fast and don’t take the whole sidewalk. If you need to change direction, go to the side and then change directions when it’s safe to go. There are a lot of people and New Yorkers walk like they’re always in a hurry! Don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk and turn fast the other way because you will get run over and hurt.
New York is a safe city but like any other major metropolitan city, there is a lot of petty crime. If you don’t want to lose your stuff, keep an eye on it and make sure you don’t leave money in your pocket.
Monday through Friday during rush hours

Top 10 reasons to book an organized tour to Ottawa?

You don't have to spend countless hours researching all there is to see and do in New York City. We got this! We hire amazing tour guides that will show you the best places to see, book the most popular activities, book hotels for all budgets and book the transportation from Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, Trois-Rivières or Quebec City to Ottawa. All you need to do is show up with your luggage and your toothbrush.
There are no surprises! We put together an itinerary based on the most popular attractions and walking tours in Ottawa.
Our tour guides spend more time in Ottawa that their hometown. They know New York! This means they will be able to answer your questions.
You have friends! We have countless stories of friendships that have lasted a lifetime.
Don't speak English? No problem! Our tour guide speak both French and English.
Group savings on activities! It's much less expensive to book an organized tour than to book individually.
The great thing with an organiszed tour is that while you still get free time to explore, you're sure not to miss the best attractions Ottawa has to offer.
Transportation between attractions is included. No need to hail a cab or worry which subways to take. Your tour guide and bus driver will get you the next hotspot.
The tour guide can recommend the best shopping spots, recommend various restaurants and even build an itinerary based on your interest.
There are always areas in each city that should be avoided for safety reasons. Ottawa is no different. Your tour guide will insure to keep in the safest areas of the city.

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