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Why book a bus and hotel package with Tourika?

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Top reasons to book your bus and hotel in Moncton with Tourika

A Bus Trip from Halifax to Moncton

As a smaller Canadian city, Halifax often gets overlooked as a hotspot, but this seaside town has a lot to offer visitors. Beautiful heritage buildings, first-class museums, and a seafront boardwalk running for four kilometers will leave you breathless as you stroll through the town. You'll feel the easy-going atmosphere as you wander through the breweries and bistros, and it's this atmosphere that leads to the high quality of life enjoyed in Halifax. Hop on a bus from Halifax to Moncton and experience an adventure on both ends of the trip.

Why take a bus from Halifax to Moncton?

Heading north out of Halifax, this trip takes you around several wilderness areas and beautiful Cobequid Bay. In just under three hours, you'll find yourself viewing the outskirts of Moncton and all the city has to offer its visitors.

Bay of Fundy

Home to some of the world's highest tides, the Bay of Fundy has rapidly rising seawater twice a day. These rising tides have given the area some amazing attractions, including Moncton's Tidal Bore.

Magnetic Hill

Have you ever seen a car in neutral move uphill instead of downhill? This happens every day at this natural wonder listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places. While you are here, stop and visit the Magnetic Hill Zoo as well.

Acadian Museum

Founded in 1963, this museum examines the Acadian people and their culture. The Acadian Museum focuses on the life of the people, their farming habits, homes, and art.

Why you should choose Tourika Bus Tours

Tourika offers bus tours from Halifax to Moncton. We organize each tour so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your trip. If you'd like to stay in the city, look at one of our bus and hotel packages. Our comfortable seating, onboard facilities, and customer-oriented staff will start your experience off on a high note that you can carry throughout your trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vancouver, like every Canadian provinces, does not include tips in their prices. It is up to you of how much you'd like to let your waitress or waiter.

The recommended percentage is the same as the province taxes. So let's say taxes are 15% then you are suggested to leave 15% of your total bill in tip. However, tips are on a voluntary base and are not an obligation.

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Vancouver got an amazing and fully functional transit system. Here are the following methods of transportation you can use while staying there.

1) Sky Train - Run's from 5 am to 2 am the following day.

2) Buses - Run's 24/7 (Some lines are not available at night time).

3) Seabus - Please check schedules accordingly (Subject to change due to weather)

If none of these methods fits your needs, you can also try taxi services. Note that service like Uber & Lyft is illegal and unavailable in British Columbia.

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Why book an organised tour with Tourika?

Why book an organised tour with Tourika?

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