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10 Reasons to Book a Bus Trip to Montreal this Summer

Why not visit Montreal by bus this summer? It’s a quick and easy ride from Quebec City, Trois-Rivières or Ottawa with the Orleans Express buses and several departures are offered daily. From Toronto, you can sit comfortably in a Megabus and not worry about the road while you surf the web for free. Thanks to the Wifi service!

Especially since you probably won’t want to take your car into the city this summer with all those closed streets and construction! Add a Montreal hotel to your bus trip and check out the following list of 10 summer activities to do, and your trip will be well spent!

1. Jump in Voiles en Voiles

The ultimate family activity in the Old Port of Montreal, Voiles en Voiles offers aerial courses of varying degrees of difficulty to challenge you. Stroll from one mast to the other of the two pirate ships, slide down the zip lines, try to solve the riddles of the escape missions, watch the immersive cinema or let the kids jump in the huge inflatable games. There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy!

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2. Dancing at Piknic Électronik

If you decide to take a bus trip to Montreal with friends this summer, plan on spending a Saturday or Sunday at Piknic Electronik. Featuring a variety of artists and DJs at Parc Jean Drapeau every weekend until October 10th, this electronic music event promises to get you moving, while enjoying the beauty of the park and good food with your friends. You can even order your picnic basket! Be sure to reserve your day or evening time slot before arriving on site.

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3. Screaming at La Ronde

Whether you’re visiting Montreal by bus with family or friends, La Ronde amusement park remains a must-see activity in the city. Whether you want to experience the thrill of the rides or watch your kids laugh out loud on the rides reserved for the little ones, La Ronde promises cries of joy and terror, depending on your mood.

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4. Visit the city by bus Gray Line

If you don’t want to miss anything in Montreal, a Gray Line bus tour of the city is a must. You’ll be able to see all the must-sees in no time. Whether you’re interested in the Olympic Stadium, Notre Dame Basilica, Old Montreal, Mount Royal, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Chinatown or St. Helen’s Island, Gray Line buses will get you there quickly, including guided tours!

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5. Picnic in the Botanical Garden

If there’s one place to go for a summer picnic with family or friends, it’s the Montreal Botanical Garden. With its thirty or so thematic gardens and 10 greenhouses, the landscape is likely to be very nourishing for your pupils, even if you have everything planned to brighten your taste buds!

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6. Discover the delicious restaurants of the city

If there are many attractions that characterize Montreal, one of the most recognized worldwide is its varied cuisine. Many of Montreal’s delicious restaurants offer dishes that transport you to the four corners of the world. Just take Peel Street in downtown Montreal, a section of which is closed to the south during the summer. You can sample the flavours of France at Chez Alexandre, Portugal at Ferreira Cafe, Spain at Iberica or Japan at Ryu Sushi.

Head further down town to indulge your senses at Bazart, a Mediterranean restaurant whose sumptuous decor also doubles as an art gallery. And once in Griffintown, there is a wide range of restaurants for all tastes: the lively Grinder, the succulent Liverpool House or the magnificent Richmond, to name only the most popular. Not to mention all those found in Old Montreal, including the legendary Garde Manger, the recently opened Tiers Paysage, the daring Pastel, the surprising 409, or trendy places like Sea Salt, Jellyfish or Fishbone.

Whether you’re visiting these more touristy neighbourhoods or finding yourself in other parts of the city, you’re sure to find a tasty and friendly restaurant to discover in Montreal around every corner.

7. Braving the waters of the St. Laurent River

For the more sporty ones who want to get to know better the aquatic pleasures offered by the St-Laurent River, go to the KSF Montreal in Ville Lasalle to practice kayaking, river surfing or paddle boarding (SUP). Qualified guides and instructors are on hand to offer you their services, depending on the package you choose. A branch located at Parc Jean Drapeau also offers SUP rentals and lessons. What are you waiting for to get on the water?

8. Take a Zen break at Bota Bota

One of the most beautiful urban spas in the city of Montreal is without a doubt Bota Bota. Built on a boat anchored in the Old Port of Montreal, the spa offers a spectacular view of the St. Laurent River from the old city. In addition to offering delicious healthy cuisine, well-balanced alcoholic cocktails and a garden adjacent to the boat where conversations are allowed in the baths, the Bota Bota Spa on the water promises an incomparable zen break from the city.

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9. Admire Montreal from Mount Royal

If there’s one place you can’t miss to admire the city of Montreal, it’s the Mount Royal Chalet Observatory. Offering a panoramic view of downtown and its iconic buildings, you can even see Monts St-Bruno and St-Hilaire on the horizon, located on the South Shore of the island. To enhance your physical activity experience, consider accessing it from Peel or Drummond Street, using the grand staircase. Your legs and your cardio will thank you!

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10. Tour the island on a Bixi bike

Finally, because many of the city’s streets are closed and others are under construction, you were right to take the bus to visit Montreal and to leave your car at home. This will not prevent you from riding freely in the city on the many bike paths available to you.

Moreover, you don’t need to bring your own bike because you can rent Bixi, those public bicycles that you can borrow and leave wherever you want throughout the city of Montreal. Your Montreal strolls will be all the more enjoyable as they are dotted with magnificent murals found here and there across the island, not to mention that a festival is dedicated to this urban art from August 12 to 22.

We wish you a great summer bus trip in Montreal and don’t hesitate to contact us by text at 514-700-2091 to help you book your getaway


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