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Information about BoltBus

BoltBus is a bus transportation offering a large number of bus routes in Western Canada and United States.

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BoltBus bus tickets

Offers spacious and comfortable seating!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must arrive at the pickup point a minimum of 30 minutes before departure. If you have purchased online, bring your email confirmation (either printed or electronic). You’ll need to show your email confirmation to your driver as this will act as your boarding pass.

On the lower right-hand side of your email confirmation, you will find a large letter. This letter designates which boarding group you are assigned too. Customers will board the bus based on their assigned boarding group with our special needs customers boarding first, followed by our loyalty program members boarding next, then followed by customers who purchased tickets online and lastly any walk-up passengers. Feel free to sit in any open seat.
After the first two groups have boarded, approach the driver and explain you’ve forgotten your email confirmation.

You’ll need to show a picture ID and the driver can verify whether you have a reservation; or, you can call our customer service team at 877-265-8287 to get a confirmation email sent to you.
Five minutes before departure, BoltBus reserves the right to release any reservations as “no shows”. Walk-up passengers will be loaded at this time. You could lose your seat to a standby or walk-up passenger. We encourage you to arrive at the pickup point a minimum of 30 minutes before departure time.
You are allowed one piece of baggage under the coach and two small bags to carry on (i.e., purse or backpack).

The carry-on bags should be small enough to fit in the overhead bin. You are responsible for placing your bags in the baggage bin under the bus and retrieving your bags at your destination. If you need assistance with your baggage, ask and the driver they will be glad to assist you.

We recommend that you properly tag all bags and place your name, address and phone number on the inside. If a bag is left mistakenly behind and is properly marked, we will return it to you free of charge. We are not responsible for damage to baggage.