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Who We Are

Tourika is a group of happy people who build tours you will love! Our mission is let you experience North America your way.

We understand that everyone travels differently. That’s why you can build your own trip or select one of our packaged organised tour. When building your own bus trips to choose the bus times you want, the accommodations you need and add activities you want to experience. For those who prefer our organized tours, we got you covered. Regardless of what you choose, you’re going to love your getaway!

Easy Booking

We make it easy for you to choose from our prepackaged organised tours or freestyle bus and hotel package.

We're with you

Never travel alone. We’re available when you need us by live chat, phone, email or text. We’re available when you need us.

Wow Experience

We strive to provide the absolute best travel experience at the best price. Once booked, you will receive pertinent travel advice and useful destination information. We’ll also send you our awesome mobile app to enhance your travel experience!


We make you experience North America! Our mission is simple: Travel your way.

We know what makes a bus trip memorable.We give you the freedom to choose so you can experience your favorite destination as you wish.

We believe travel is only real when you do it your way. And no other way. Travelling with Tourika means you’ll have a great time seeing all the famous sights, tasting delicious local foods, and making a bunch of new friends along the way.

We are committed to outstanding quality of service, experience and value in everything we do. We offer unique travel experiences, and provide leadingedge technologies to enhance your independent travel.


Meet the crew! Just like you, we love to travel. Our passion and enthusiasm is what sets us apart. We’re serious about what we do but never taking ourselves too seriously.