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4 days New York itinerary

4 day itinerary in New York City

I took advantage of a long weekend to travel with Tourika for 4 days 3 nights. This extra day made a huge difference: more time to relax, take in the sights and of course shop.

Day 1:

Capital Grille and Marriott Marquis Times Square

With temperatures at roughly 30 degrees celcius, is there something better than 4 day weekend in New York City? We showed us in Manhattan at roughly 1pm and we were dropped off at the Empire State Building. After an amazing shopping experience on 5th Avenue, we decided to try the Capital Grille steakhouse in Time Square who in the top 10 restaurants on TripAdvisor. This classic American steakhouse offers excellent food but it was a little pricy for those on a budget. Having said that, the food quality was outstanding which justifies pricey food. We then finished the night at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square for a drink or two, at New York’s only revolving rooftop restaurant, The View.

Day 2:

Tourika tour

On day two, we opted to hop on a Tourika guide tour with our excellent tour guide Julie who brought us to Harlem, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Chinatown and Financial District. I personally really love the references to famous films shot in New York City. While I had already done the city tour many times, it was nice to get a different perspective from our tour guide.

East Village

After our 4 hour city tour was over, we left East Village to walk in unique stores and boutiques in this area. Shopping is a tough sport and we got hungry between periods. We decided to try another well recommended restaurant by Zagat, Momofuku restaurant on 1st Avenue and 10th street. When we got there, there was a lineup to get in. We had asian noodles and crêpes sandwiches which were do die for.

Meatpacking District

We finished our night club hopping in the Meatpacking District. We then stopped at Griffin Dinner which is open 24 hours for a late night snack. I really loved the DJ playing amazing music in the diner.

Day 3:

Washington Square Park on Sunday and QQ Nail Spa

After a good night sleep at our hotel, the Row NYC, we decided to try a New York style brunch with Mimosas in the Meatpacking district.  We spent the afternoon chilling at Washington Square and listen to amazing musicians. Every Sunday, Washington Square turns into an area musicians can play their saxophones, trumpets, and other instruments. They even installed a full size piano which added ambiance once can only experience. We then walked by QQ Nail Spa which offered foot massages It was too difficult to pass up. Our feet thanked us to the special treatment.

Day 4:

Canargie Deli and Central Park

To end our perfect 4 day trip, we started our day by picking up coffees and pastries at Amy’s Bread and walk for a few hours. We finished our weekend getaway by picking up huge pastrami sandwiches at Carnagie Deli and we went to Central Park to eat them. The sun is shining and a saxophonist is playing jazz tunes, while we enjoying our picnic. Now I understand why one sandwich cost $15. Impossible to eat an whole one! A piece of advice: share it if you want to try it…

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